Urbanears Bagis

Urbanears Bagis

The Apple earphones that come with your iPods are honestly not that good. The sound quality is abysmal, it will keep falling off your ears, and the white earphones will just stereotype you as another “Apple product user”. We’ve been getting a lot of e-mails lately asking for an affordable upgrade and I think we’ve found it. The Urbanears Bagis is priced at just Php1,200 and it delivers much better sound, stylish design, and it even has a built-in mic and in-line remote control. The Bagis also has a nifty feature where you can lock both earphones into one unit so that you can easily wear it as some sort of necklace when not in use.

Here’s a video of the Urbanears Bagis:

The Bagis comes with different types of rubber earbuds. Make sure you find the one that fits you perfectly so that you get the best audio out of it. The buds isolate sound and directs it as well to give you optimal listening experience.

The Urbanears Bagis is available in Digital Walker, Digital Hub, and Power Mac Center stores nationwide.

PS: We’re giving the demo unit we got away. Please do watch out for it. We’ll post mechanics soon!

Carlo Ople

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  1. Been looking for a good pair of earphones in this price range. It is a big plus that it has a built in mic. This will be useful with my iPhone (since I lost the iPhone earphones recently). Regretting I didn’t get a pair when I first saw this in their Rockwell kiosk.

  2. “built-in mic and in-line remote control” + “less noise, more music” = Like!
    … because this gives me plenty of logical reasons to replace my dirty-white earphones.

  3. I like it because its buds isolate sound and directs it as well to give you optimal listening experience perfect when I’m commuting=)

  4. The best feature that I like about Urbanears Bagis is it’s built in mic. I could hardly find one before that would fit my iPod Touch (for my iPod Touch’s headset does not include mic). When I find it, it is too expensive that it is not that advisable to buy.

  5. What an innovation! Who would have thought that from a micro, a wonder appears to be so fascinating? With it’s addition of color to the concept of sound, literally has attracted people to draw close to this magic! Being amazed with it’s built-in mic and in-line remote control and proud to have it worn as a necklace for convenience, with a zest of perfectly fit buds which isolate sound and directs it to give optimal listening experience, made me drool to have one of these! I could never ask for more features and benefits! I simply got to have one of these! รœ

  6. i like the features of Urbanears Bagis- it has much better sound and design quality than other headph0nes.. and it’s really COOL! And i like the fact that I can wear it as an accessory – my new necklace.. ;p

  7. I like the features of the Bagis that makes it look like a necklace when not in use. Its nice that Urbanears included a mic in this so that it can not only work in my music player but also in my phone! I like the detail that they used TPE in the other half of the cable to minimize cable noise since I hate it when my in-ear headphone makes that noise when you bump it or touch it. Of course added with an Urbanears guarantee in the quality of sound, the Uarbanears Bagis is truly a headphone for the “Urban Ears”.

  8. I’ve always wanted to have a nice earphones, and reading the review made me think of buying it. It looks stylish, and i want comfy ear buds. I want one! Let’s try our luck with this one. ha!

  9. My favorite feature has got to be the various-sized tips to ensure the best fit of the earphones in your ears. I HATE my iPod earphones because they keep falling out whenever I move my head even just a little bit. The many available colors are a nice bonus ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I love it that it provides several types of earbuds, so that I can choose which type fits me best! Not to meantion that you can lock them together instead of tying them around which can damage it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, you have to give me one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Exactly what I’m looking for! A great companion while running! Because it’s in-ear, the quality of music will be exceptional.

  12. I really like the way we could lock both earphones into one unit. I’ve had a fair share of tangling so its a nifty feature for me. I sure hope all earphones would have this option!

  13. I think the best feature of it is its well fitting rubber earbuds that would prevent it to fall especially when ears are on sweat during a run. Because of its build in mic, you can even use is on mobile phones to answer calls hands-free. Its variety of color and feature of being a sort necklace adds up on how to organize things during and after use.

  14. When it comes to earphones, I would really recommend the sound impact of the product to a person who’s going to use it. I don’t like “Tunog Lata” earphones and can easily drop off your ears. What I like is the grip on your ears and the fullness or the totality of the sound that comprises of the perfect trebles bass etc. And the Urbanears Bagis got what it takes of a hale and hearty and would really fit your lifestyle! Combined with a fresh-faced mic features that everyone would love!

  15. My earphones are ready to retire… as a medical transcription editor, I’m not fond of those big headsets for headphones but instead use typical earphones. One side is almost busted and could hardly hear anything from that side (even after cleaning my ears!!!) For voice listening, I think that the Urbanears Bagis is PERFECT! Why? As stated, “The buds isolate sound and directs it as well to give you optimal listening experience.” And that’s exactly what I need to hear those dictations clearly when I’m working ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. I like that it has built in mic and is an in-ear type. I use my phone as an mp3 player, so it is nice that the urbanears bagis can also be used as an hands free headset.

  17. NOISE CANCELLING! I think it’s greatest feature is the ability to isolate you and trap you in your own world of music. Most especially useful when you’re beside a jejemon with ear-blasting jejemusic. And it’s design is ultimately chic making it zeh ultimate earphones! Would love to have one of these babies.

  18. What I like most about the Urbanears Bagis is that it has built-in-mic. It is very useful to me since I don’t need to take the extra effort to shout at my phone. Plus, it is an eye candy which is an extra bonus. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope I grab this one!

  19. Being both stylish and sturdy is not very common in earbuds — I love that Urbanears Bagis is so fashionable and yet delivers its purpose well!

  20. i call bullcrap on this, and the comments have the copy-pastey feeling on them. if you want supperior sound at a cheaper cost, go with SoundMAGIC PL11, no mics and remote control but you wont miss them. trust me, the best sounding iphone is an iphone 4 in flight mode

  21. The greatest selling point of these Bagis earphones is their ability to snap together into a single discreet yet stylish unit. I have the habit of misplacing my headphones a lot, especially since keeping a bunch of bulky and ugly headsets or earbuds doesn’t look too good anywhere. It’d be a perfect complement to my active lifestyle!

  22. I really think that this is a brilliant headset that boasts both comfort and quality in one. aside from the comfort that puts in your ears, it also has a built in mic and controls for ease for the user

    Another thing that is really good about it is that after listening to your gadget, it’s easy to store in your bag specially on bags with headset slots or even just in your pocket. it lessens the chance of damaging your headphones and at the same time, making a hassle free storage.

    i could sense that at that price, quality is not compromised and hopefully it would last for a long time. being an active person that i am -joining marathons, having a great work out, doing my work or simply on my way to a meeting – a very sturdy headset is what really need. i’d like to have one and try it for myself.

  23. yes. Noise Cancelling, this is the feature that i like. its portability and its sturdy. thats a like too.
    im no fan of earbuds. but i think this is worth a shot. in line remote controls. cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. the best feature that i liked and noticed first is the cord. its actually covered with rope. its so durable that the cord was accidentally caught in a spinning electric fan! the fan has a metal blade that would’ve chopped off the entire cord, but! it didn’t! the blades actually stopped and i just yanked the cord. the rope became loose and that was it. in time, the rope adjusted by itself and it’s was like nothing happened. NOW THAT IS IMPRESSIVE!

    aside from that, well the sound and the color is extremely great plus a bonus mic that u don’t normally get from other earphones. i’m happy to spend money on this one rather than some overpriced, overrated headsets ๐Ÿ™‚

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