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Watch: Starmobile Knight Elite Revisited!

A lowered price for Starmobile’s Knight Elite means one thing: better value

Last year we reviewed Starmobile’s Knight Elite, and while the phone was a good phone on its own, many people complained about the price that was attached to it. At Php 9,990 at the time, it had a hefty price that didn’t endear it to the tech public.

Now Starmobile’s cut the price of the Knight Elite for the second month in the row, we thought it would be fun to revisit the phone, and we brought along three tech friends to talk about the phone – Giancarlo Viterbo of, Jam Ancheta of and Reggie Ramos of The video above is a bit long at 15 minutes, but it’s pretty meaty as each of our guests had something to say about the Knight Elite.

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. My negative experience on this phone are:

    – I had problems installing some apps directly to sd card (i think it is a permission bug when apps are accessing the sd card)
    – The phone heats up faster.
    – Still it is on Android 5.0.2 while some of their products are on 5.1.
    – stock android launcher is laggy.
    – sometimes the camera had difficulty in focusing the object.
    – google cardboard is not supported (it has a problem on calibrating the screen).
    – guest mode is not working (this feature is implemented on lollipop already i don’t know why this was not working on this unit).

    Other than that, it is a fine ‘thin’ phone where everyone thinks I had an iPhone or a Sony Xperia phone.

    I am still waiting for the OTA fix on this bugs and hopefully an update to Android 5.1 lollipop.

    By the way customer support response time is very fast. Though solutions presented to me were not working.

    1. Would you like a qr code for elite that would bring up the whole screen size? I just bought a vr box, I thought it would be best since I can adjust the lenses.

  2. BASURA! Etong unbox talaga, wag kayong halata binabayran kayo ng starmobile para itulak ang mga produktong nilang basura at mahal pa.

      1. Yeah, that blogger jerkturd from TECHPINAS is probably the WORST Techblogger on earth. If North Korea were to make a propaganda tech blog, that would be TechPinas style!

    1. OMG Yeah i noticed that too! Its like he endorses every product that lands there. lol not very updated din kasi yung site kaya medyo boring.

  3. The main idea of the article is supposed to be about the price cut yet no mention of what’s the new price?! *genius*

  4. Haha, mas masaya mag countdown kung kelan ma a out of business si STARMOBILE…kelan kaya sila ma ba-bangkarote, late 2016? 2017? lolz

    They are in deep s##t right now, nagkakanda ugaga kung paano gumalaw ang slow moving units nila

  5. may kamahalan naman kasi mga phones ng starmobile. tulad nitong elite, original price almost 10K eh sa dami ng alternatives na mas mura at mas maganda ang specs, sinong eng0t ang bibli niyan? meron pa sila isang model na 15K yata. dagdag ka lang ng konti meron ka nang samsung a7 (2016) with fingerprint scanner. i’m sure bagsak presyo din yan kasi hindi bumebenta.

  6. Bought this unit sa sale na price. Super fast, Super fast sa heating. Laggy din. Daming bloatware every minute u need to free 300-600mb sa cleaner. As expected, dali ma lowbat. Ang pros, pogi ang fone.

  7. Bias din ako sa SD na processor. So kung papipillin ako between an SD+2GB ram at katumbas na MT+3GB ram, phone configuration, sa SD pa rin ako.

    1. that’s your preference. di ka naman namin pinipilit kahit may reviews na from other users saying laggy sya lol.
      just to let you know hindi lang sa SoC nag dedepende ang performance ng phone. kaya nga bigdeal sa iba ang software version and update-ability. kahit mas malakas pa yang SD mo, pag poor ang software optimization and dev support magiging basura pa din yan.

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