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Watch: The Essential Phone’s 360-Degree Camera Videos

The Essential Phone has a 360-degree camera as part of its first few mods

Last week, Andy Rubin unveiled the Essential Phone (PH-1) smartphone as a new competitor in the flagship-tier market. We’ve covered the handset’s specifications and details in an earlier post, so head over there if you’re interested in knowing more about the PH-1.

One of the more interesting add-ons on the Essential Phone is an attachable 360-degree camera. Essential has been uploading YouTube videos recently, showcasing the said mod in use by certain celebrities and artists. The camera pan button is at the top-left of the video, in case you’re not too familiar with 360-degree videos.

For a 360-degree camera, the detail level is quite decent. Video stitch lines can still be seen, though the camera’s software does a great job of making them less obtrusive by blurring them. The 360-degree camera can also change exposure settings quickly, though it’s not exactly sure if the add-on does this automatically or just gives the user easy access to the setting. All-in-all, for a $50 (~Php 2.5K) mod – when you buy it with the handset – the 360-camera looks like a great add-on to boost the video capabilities of the Essential Phone.

Source: Android Authority

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