We Only Have A 2% Defect Rate For Our Products – CD-R King

CD-R King’s Smart Power Plug, one of the many electronic items that the company sells

May seem larger because of the sheer number of items sold a day, according to them

Yesterday we sat down with Daryle Ganchua, CD-R King’s Regional Manager and talked about the company, the brand and what their vision is for the PH buying public. It was an interesting chat, but one of the more fascinating things we talked about is the defect rate for the products that they sell.

The perception of the public is that for more complex products like electronics, CD-R King’s stuff don’t last. That’s not true, according to Daryle. “There are some defects, but if you see our percentage [for defects], 1% defect lang kami,” he says, referring to the defect rate of their products.

“1 to 2% lang, 2% is the highest,” he reiterated during our interview.

So why the perceived large defect rate? It’s quantity. CD-R King is one of the most prolific electronics retailers in the country, and a mall usually won’t be complete if it doesn’t have a CD-R King store inside. While the company did not tell us how many products they sell each month or day, let’s say for the sake of argument their sales figures are 1 million units (which wouldn’t be far off) each month, 1% of that is 10,000 units. That’s enough of a defect rate that would lead people to complain loudly, or so they explain it to us.

Another surprising thing that Daryle shared was that they take great effort in figuring out what products are defective to improve and see where it failed. He also says that they also listen to their customers on their Facebook page and reply to them if they can.

Have you ever bought a defective product from CD-R King before? If you did, what did you do? Return it? Throw it away? Let us know in the comments section!

John Nieves

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  1. Common sense naman, kahit 8 percent defect rate nila, aamin ba naman yan? Eh di sisante ang aabutin niyan

  2. Question is how do they count their defect rate? Ung binabalik sakanila for warranty? 1st of 1 week replacement lang sila 2nd pag ibabalik mo for service ung item its more costly than your fare.

      1. Cool :). May mga cd-r king products nmn ako dito like the keyboard, usb hub etc. n gumagana p rin after roughly 3-5 years. Siguro nasa tamang side tayo ng swerte. hahaha

  3. ang problema ko lang sa CD-R king, warranty nila is 7days replacement lang, tpos ung item tumatagal lang ng 2-3mos upon purchase..

  4. 2% defect rate? Well, di naman kasi nila machecheck ang items nila na wala na sa warranty period na 7 days or 30 days. Case in point, at 5x na ito – bumili ako charger para sa bata. After 8 days sira na, 1 day after the warranty. Same with their USB, memory card, speaker and laptop cooler. 1-2 days after ng warranty.

  5. Count in the up to 50% who did not come back for warranty because of impracticability of returning the products for warranty. Where did I get my statistics? Same way you got your 1%-2% defect rate. Right, it was an educated guess.

  6. This is pure BS. If the defect rate is that small then any company would be able to offer much longer warranties, something not hard to figure out (you know, the stuff they teach you in Accounting 201).

    The fact that they offer at most 7 days, and don’t offer to sell you extended warranties for more serious purchases like TVs, is enough to tip off anyone that didn’t fail school miserably.

  7. Dapat i-complain sa DTI (?) ang patakaran nilang bulok na 7 days replacement, panggugulang sa consumers yan! Nakuha pang magyabang sa low defect rate , smh

    1. Dapat isabatas kamo na ang product dapat 1 year ang minimum. Lokohan talaga iyong 7 days lang. Kaya hindi ako nagtatangkang bumili sa cdr na iyan dahil lamang na magsasayang ako ng pera. Mas maasahan ko pa nga iyong 2nd hand sa olx na branded kesa sa brand new sa cdr

  8. my pc is mid to high end but my keyboard and mouse are from cdr king. lasted 2 years and still counting. is that weird?

  9. I just threw away some of the items I bought from them that conked out after a few weeks. I don’t agree with their 2% rate, as they only have a 7 day warranty! Also the way they issue receipts is jurassic! They don’t have POS systems, so I am skeptical if this company is paying the right taxes!

  10. My CDR king USB is working for 3 years. At sa tingin ko, gagana pa sya ng gagana hangga’t di sya nawala. Take note. Sira na yung case nya for 6 months, bugbog sarado sa bag ko, pero gumagana naman ng maayos. Sayang lang at nawala.

  11. Maganda malaman yung unit in production and ilan talaga ang products with defect to see if the 1% is an acceptable defect rate applying six sigma.

  12. ako tapon ginawa ko sa defective unit n usb ko after 3x ko magamit d na gumana.. kc if ipapalit ko unte nlng idadag ko sa pamasahe para magkasing halaga na xa ng defective na nabili ko.. Whats the point parang binili ko rin ung ipapalit sa crang product nla.. Pero kung d sana sirain ung produkto abay panalo kc napakacheap nga nman.. kaso the price speaks for its quality.. d ko na naulit pa bumili sa kanila..

  13. 2% lang ang nagsasauli pero alam nating more than 10% pa yan. yong karamihan lang talaga tanggap na na you get what you pay for.

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