What Happened To The ZenFone 4?

No ZF4 announcement in COMPUTEX

If you were holding your breath for the new Zenfone 4s from ASUS to be announced during COMPUTEX, we’re sorry to disappoint you. Aside from the Zenfone AR, there were no other smartphone announcements forthcoming from the Taiwanese brand. That’s right – COMPUTEX 2017 was all about notebooks and ultra-portable gaming machines for ASUS, with no ZF4 announcement in sight.

Why is that though? Well, it could be a few things – ASUS may be streamlining their announcement schedule to coincide with that of other mobile brands, who typically announce their phones in either Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Feb or Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) in September. A more streamlined release schedule will allow the company to match the current buying habit and smartphone refresh schedule of customers, who typically renew or buy a new flagship during the holidays or around March-May.

Another possibility is that the company may want to launch the new Zenfones away from the hubub of COMPUTEX, allowing the full force of their marketing efforts to permeate without any kind of competition. We’ve tentatively heard that the company is targeting a June or July announcement date for the new phone lineup, but again until invites are sent, we really won’t know for sure.

John Nieves

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  1. First I thought, ‘diba meron nang na-release na Zenfone 4 dati?’. Then I remembered that size ng screen ang pinagbasehan ng Asus sa naming ng first-gen ZF. So probably we will see another Zenfone 5.

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