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What’s the Point of a Dual Selfie Camera Set-up?

On March 23, OPPO is set to launch their newest flagship duo offering, the OPPO F3 Plus and F3. The biggest selling point is the dual-selfie camera (two front-facing cameras) with one being a 16MP shooter and a back-up at 8MP. You might be wondering what’s the point of having two selfie cameras? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Dual Selfie Cameras are not new

First, you have to take note that dual-selfie cameras is not a new set-up. Lenovo actually offered this with their Vibe S1 smartphone way back in 2015. The Lenovo Vibe S1 packed an dual selfie camera set-up of 8MP and 2MP.

Selfie shot with Bokeh using the Vibe S1

The most recent dual-selfie device on the market is the Vivo V5 Plus which came out January of this year. It packed a 20PM and 8MP dual-camera front-facing set-up.

So What Will Dual Selfie Cameras Give You?

The Vivo V5 Plus and the Lenovo Vibe S1 both offered depth of field to your photos because of the secondary camera. This is the creamy “bokeh” effect which blurs the background and focuses on the foreground. That’s the effect that you can see in the photo of the Vivo V5 Plus at the top of this article.

Do you need Dual Selfie Cameras to achieve this effect? No. You can actually use the single front-facing camera of the Google Pixel XL and achieve the same effect with it’s built-in lens blur software.

Apart from Depth-of-Field, What Else Can We Hope For?

Apart from the “bokeh”, we’re hoping that the dual-selfie camera of the OPPO F3 Plus will pack wide-angle selfies. This is a really awesome feature to have and we enjoyed using this with the LG V20 when we were reviewing it.

And that’s it. If OPPO has more than Depth-of-Field and Wide Angle, we’ll know when they formally announced the OPPO F3 Plus on March 23. That’s just a few days away so make sure you stay glued to this space for updates!

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  1. i think you seem to forget that the LG V10 also came with a dual selfie cameras…with one wide and one portrait, which in my opinion is better instead of fake and poorly implemented bokeh effects.

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