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Why Doesn’t The Flare X Come With Lollipop?


Why is it still stuck on KitKat?

You’ve seen us unbox Cherry Mobile’s latest phone, the Flare X. We’ve also taken a close look at its camera and gaming performance as well in the past few days. One question that we’ve seen pop up time and time again is the phone’s OS, specifically, why the phone is still stuck on KitKat while its contemporaries are already sporting Lollipop.


Cherry Mobile’s Product Manager Lonson Alejandrino, let us know why exactly they opted to go with KitKat instead of Lollipop. To put it simply, Lollipop 5.0 (which the phone originally came with from their ODM) has too many bugs and software issues, to the point it would negatively affect the overall user experience. Cherry Mobile opted to downgrade the phone to KitKat (because KitKat is more stable) and then opt for an OTA for Android 5.1 later on. While this is a solid plan, the onus is now on MediaTek to provide Cherry Mobile’s ODM access to the Kernel source of the MT6752 processor used on the Flare X so they can create an update later on. MediaTek has been notoriously ornery in allowing other companies access to their Kernel source, which explains the delay of Android 4.4 KitKat updates to phones using their older MT6582 quad-core processors last year.

Do you think it’s a big issue that the Flare X is still stuck on KitKat and not Lollipop? Let us know in the comments below.

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John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. Dapat siguro nag Jellybean nalang muna sila.. May issue din ang kitkat sa sdcard access may mga apps na di pinapayagang mag write sa sd card na may workaround na sa lollipop.. Tingin ko ang main issue sa lollipop ay transition from dalvic(sana tama spelling ko) to ART na nagkakaproblem sa pag run sa ibang app, saka ang background running app yung tipong kahit pinatay mo na phone pag bukas mo nagrurun padin at di nawawala ang recent app..

  2. Not a biggie, in fact I could even care less if it’s stuck on KitKat forever, ang mahalaga root-able siya para may Xposed module custom roms galore! Total control baby

    1. I disagree.. nakaklimutan nyo ata that the phone utilizes a 64bit processor which can never unleash its full potential unless na lollipop na ung os since kitkat does not support 64bit processing..

  3. Doesn’t matter actually. If your satisfied with what you have and its working why change it? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. 🙂

  4. for my own opinion malaking issue yan.. ofcourse as a tech enthusiast you want to taste atleast the latest innovation (hardware and software). Ganun na nga I think sa salita lng ulit ang upgrade na cnasabi ng CM. From original Flare up to Flare 3 meron ako but only the Flare ung na update coz it is using the QUALCOMM chipset. While ung flare sibling uses MEDIATEK chipsets e alam nman ntin c MTK na hindi sumusunod sa OPEN SOURCING OF KERNELS POLICY.. correct me kung un nga tlaga tawag dun.. kaya for sure mastock yan sa 4.4.4.. c Flare 3 ko nga 6582 na dapat pwede na I-update using the OTA d prin makatanggap ng upgrade more than a year old na.. kaya useless lng ang OTA appz na yan.. wla rin nangyayari..

    1. and you call yourself an “enthusiast”? lol~

      iba na ang enthusiasts ngayon, spoonfeed ang gusto.

      pasensya na ha pero ang kilala ko kasing mga enthusiasts, they themselves innovate 😛

      imho, hindi malaking issue yan. as an enthusiast, you don’t have to settle sa cheap local brands if you demand frequent and latest updates kasi I believe ang main target ni cherry here is ang masa, which most of the time are clueless of phone specs and doesn’t care of OS version as long as it’s working fine without problems.

  5. The biggest thing with Lollipop (I said this a couple of times because I cannot stress the importance of this is that you can FINALLY use SD cards again. You can once again instruct apps to be able to save, delete, and interact with the SD card on Lollipop.

    In KitKat, Google killed all functionality relating to SD cards; apps cannot interact with the SD card anymore, forcing everything to the internal memory; basically, the SD card on KitKat is a media repository that only works on a computer. You cannot say, move downloaded subtitles to the SD card, or copy and edit documents saved to the SD card on Polaris office, or move things around on ES File Explorer. It’s either everything must be on the internal storage now, or you sync to a computer.

    (Please do NOT use an excuse “you can simply root your device; put CyanogenMod…” Warranties are voided and phones are compromised if something bad happens with rooting.)

    Google wants us to all go to the Cloud, but that’s not going to happen now (is it?) so SD cards are still a very big deal. To answer your question then, the new Cherry Mobile being stuck on Kitkat and not on Lollipop is a BIG DEAL, despite the bugs Cherry is fearing – that’s all Mediatek which begs for another lengthy discussion…

    1. the thing is, there’s actually a way for that and matagal na yan ni remedyohan ng local brands ootb afaik. for example, SKK’s lynx, tried to install Real Racing which has 1gb of files, I just set the default storage to SD card and not even a problem. Most of the installed apps are on SD card btw. Can’t move things around on file explorer? are you kidding? I have been doing that all of the time on several phones I owned.

      Lollipop should not be your concern but stability.

  6. noon pa man madamot na talaga ang MTK pagdating sa source code unlike other Giant SoC manufacturer like qualcomm , broadcom ,intel ,etc. ang gusto kasi nila sila lang ang may take control sa mga product nila which is matalinong strategy nga naman .they can manipulate the companies na nagdedepend sa produkto nila but sympre meron pa rin leak because of the insider pero not that big .im a c.p & p.c tech since wala pang android 😛 .

    1. I have the same issue with Mr. Andrew. When I got my phone, the first notif that it gave me was, an update is available for my phone (cherry mobile ota update) when I finished downloading it and tried installing it, it said that my system is damaged and wireless update is disabled. Since my phone is still under 7 days replacement warranty, I immediately went to the store and asked if they could change it but the same thing happened. My sister bought the same unit earlier and when I asked her to try the update, same thing happened. The staff of cherry mobile just told me that maybe it is because they are currently updating the system making us unable to do the update and told me that they will confirm it with their service center. Until now, i haven’t received any news regarding that issue. Can someone please help?

  7. I’ve got one recently and Same damn problem “system was damaged, wireless update disabled’ you give us misleading facts about your product.Pls. pki explain po

  8. People, just learn to flash your phones manually with TWRP and put a proper ROM there, like the Jiayu S3 ODM that it literally is.

    I hope that also taught you the value of root and creating backups with apps like Titanium.

  9. Almost a month now and still have issue, i went to cherry they advised me to leave the phone for the fix. It seems almost everybody is having same issue with their flare x. Any suggestion? Thanks

  10. Meron akong nabasa na meron ka lang icclear na data and cache, pero nung nangyari sakin ito nirestore factory ko lang ok na kaso nagpapadownload ulit ng 32mb na updates sa ota. About naman dun may nabasa ako ng dahil daw un sa version ng rom na may specific date na hindi sinusupport ung ota updates.

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