Will Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 4 Have A 108-megapixel Camera?

Is this Xiaomi’s ultimate cameraphone?

While Xiaomi’s smartphones are starting to get great reputations when it comes to photography, they still lag behind rivals Samsung and Huawei when it comes to image quality.


Xiaomi recently announced that they were working on Samsung to put a 108-megapixel sensor on their smartphone, a sensor that turned out to be the ISOCELL Bright HMX. The camera sensor was designed in collaboration with Xiaomi, so it stands to reason that Xiaomi would have first dibs on putting in on a smartphone.

Xiaomi is obviously looking to put the camera sensor on a smartphone as fast as possible to pull a fast one on its rivals, and it just so happens that the next top-tier phone to be launched will be their Mi Mix 4, which tipsters say is slated to be announced on September 4.

Xiaomi’s own Product Director Wang Teng has gone on Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo to state that they’ll be the first one to announce a phone with a 64-megapixel camera ahead of their rivals, so it stands to reason that they’ll be doing the same with a sensor that they co-developed with Samsung as well.

As with anything about a phone that’s unannounced, take all of this with a huge helping of salt, though we’re hopeful that Xiaomi does debut the new tech with their latest flagship phone.


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  1. I guess the article is wrong when it says it lags with other phone companies. the Mi 9 series and the redmi note series have great cameras. in fact the mi 9 scored great in the dxomark. i forgot the ranking. most of the samsung phones have low exposure, even in their previous flagships.

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