Xiaomi Files Patent for Pop-Up Module with up to FIVE Cameras

Do you really need that many cameras?

With the push for notch-free displays, the most feasible solution to that is using pop-up modules for the front camera. Under-display cameras are not yet ready for commercial production, so brands are exploring different ways to utilize the pop-up module. Xiaomi, for their part, recently filed a patent with the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), where they envision the pop-up module to hold as many as five cameras. Yes, you read that right.

The patent filing shows different design approaches: one with a flat display like the Mi 9T but holds a larger pop-up module that has two cameras (with two different arrangements), and one with a curved display like the Mi Note 10 with a large pop-up module holding either a triple camera or penta-camera setup.

We have no idea what is Xiaomi up to with these patents, though one possibility is that they are working on a FaceID-like secure facial unlocking system, similar to OPPO’s approach with the Find X.



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