Xiaomi Halts Android 11 Rollout for the Mi A3

Affected phones can be repaired for free

You may want to postpone that Android 11 update on your Xiaomi Mi A3. Apparently, the new update that started rolling out a few days ago has caused issues on some devices, which has prompted Xiaomi to halt the rollout while they look for the cause of the problems.

Xiaomi is asking anyone that has updated to Android 11 on their Mi A3 and have had problems with it to head to the closest official service center to have their phones checked and fixed. This offer includes devices that are already past their warranty periods.

“We kindly request users who experience this issue to visit any of our service centers where a solution will be provided for free unconditionally (within or beyond warranty). We regret the inconvenience this has brought about. As a brand committed to offering the best possible user experience, we will continuously improve our products and services,” the company writes on their official site.

Some users have claimed that the Android 11 update has bricked their Mi A3 handsets. A similar problem was experienced last year when Xiaomi rolled out an Android 10 update where the company ended up recalling the UI update at least three times before it was resolved.

For A3 handset owners, it would be wise to temporarily disable automatic updates on your phone until a solution has been posted by Xiaomi. If you’re already having issues with your A3 device, don’t worry, it’s likely not your phone. Make sure to call your nearest official Xiaomi service center to have them unbrick your handset if you’ve encountered problems with the Android 11 update.

For a complete list of official Xiaomi service centers in the Philippines click here. Read our full review of the Xiaomi Mi A3 here.

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