Xiaomi has entered the “Game of Drones”


Xiaomi has been teasing the release of the Mi Drone for a few days now and, thankfully, the wait is over. Last night, the Chinese company’s VP, Hugo Barra, officially unveiled their affordable contribution to the fast growing market of drone enthusiasts via a Facebook post and giving a presentation on Facebook Live as well.

Here’s his Facebook post playfully sharing their entrance into the “Game of Drones”, as well as the specs for the Mi Drone itself:


Yes, Xiaomi is at it again; giving us all reason to reach into our bank accounts and spend a little dough on toys for the big boys. What caught our attention, aside from its price tag, is the drones modular design, which could mean that we may be seeing camera upgrades and other parts for the Mi Drone sold separately.

drone 2

The price for the Mi Drone, converted from RMB, is Php 17,818 for the 1080p variant and Php 21,383 for the 4K UHD variant.┬áIt’s perfect if you’ve been looking into purchasing a drone, but don’t want to break the bank too much. We’ll be trying our best to get more information about the Mi Drone’s availability, as well as the availability of all the devices that Xiaomi has been releasing lately.

We’re pretty sure that this’ll make it here through unofficial channels though.

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