Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S Scores 101 in DxOMark’s Photo Test

At par with the iPhone X

With the launch of the Mi MIX 2S, Xiaomi emphasized on upgrading the cameras with a dual 12-megapixel setup. They are serious with the upgrade, the Mi MIX 2S stopped by DxOMark, and obtained an overall score of 97, with a photo score of 101 and a video score of 88.

Those numbers make the Mi MIX 2S at par with Apple’s iPhone X, which also scored 101 for DxOMark’s photo test.

In DxOMark’s findings, they have noted that the Mi MIX 2S performs well for its dual pixel autofocus system, well-controlled noise reduction, and excellent zoom and bokeh features.

You can read the full reportĀ here.

Here’s the complete breakdown of the DxOMark scores for the Mi MIX 2S:


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  1. Once Xiaomi can compete in the camera department then this is going to be a good package together with their good price. Spells the doom of other phone makers.

  2. Sorry guys. Mahirap ng paniwalaan ang mga results from DxOMark. Bias mga tao dyan. Kitang kita sa mga sample pics nila at pinagtatabi mga kuha ng ibang phones, sasabihin nila, mas maganda kuha ng google pixel phones kahit saturated.

    Though i dont believe in their scores, i believe their analysis of images and videos studied. So, score lang talaga hindi ako naniniwala at yung mga images comparisons nila.

    And with this mix 2s, i believe that it is at par with iphone x (after reading their analysis) regardless of score this phone got. That means, you can get a phone with cameras at par with iphone x at more than half the price. That is a very good deal.

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