Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Models Leaked, Snapdragon 821, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage

Unbox 117 - Xiaomi Mi Note 2 1
Building on the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 rumors we reported earlier, here’s a new leaked specs report on the upcoming smartphone, courtesy of PhoneArena and their sources.

Xiaomi is expected to unveil the Mi Note 2 soon, hence the usual rumor mill marketing strategy all over the Internet. PhoneArena gathered reports of the Mi Note 2 and uncovered two leaked versions. The top-tier Mi Note 2 supposedly has a Snapdragon 821 CPU, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of non-expandable storage. Another model supposedly sports the lesser, but still powerful Snapdragon 820 CPU, with 4GB of RAM, and possibly 32GB non-expandable storage. The specs and pics are, of course, unconfirmed for now.

So far, here’s what we’ve got on the Xiaomi Mi Note 2.

Unbox 117 - Xiaomi Mi Note 2 3

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 or 821 quad-core processor
  • 4GB to 6GB RAM
  • 5.5″ to 5.7″ display, dual curved
  • 32GB to 128GB non-expandable storage
  • Android 7.0 Nougat

As always, expect more details to come out in the following weeks. Xiaomi’s pricing and other unrevealed specs will be the deciding factors on whether Mi Note 2 will become a worthy competitor to similarly spec’d smartphones. So far, the key specifications are looking great. As for the aesthetics, the renders and photos point to the Mi Note 2 looking eerily similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note7.

Unbox 117 - Xiaomi Mi Note 2 2

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Source: Phone Arena

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