Xiaomi Mi5 Specs Leaked: Potential Flagship Killer?

Xiaomi Mi5?
Xiaomi Mi5?

Xiaomi Mi5: Leaked Specs are Impressive

A popular Chinese Tech blogger just “leaked” the specifications of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi5 smartphone. If these specifications are true then we can expect the Mi5 to be a serious contender in the premium flagship space especially if Xiaomi finds a way to bring their prices down to more reachable levels.

According to the leak, the Mi5 will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chip paired with a super generous serving of 4GB RAM. That’s a deadly one-two knockout punch right there! Qualcomm’s latest chip with ridiculous RAM? Sign me up!

Power, power, power!
Power, power, power!

In terms of hardware and build, the Mi5 is also reported to have a 5.2-inch quad HD display, an embedded finger print scanner, a minimum of 3,000mAh for the battery, and a 16MP shooter with optical image stabilization. Those are definitely the specs that you usually see with the flagships of the likes of Samsung, Sony, and LG.

On paper our only concern is the battery life. Hopefully the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and the Quad HD display won’t suck the juices too fast that you’ll need a recharge mid-day.

Exciting times!

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Sources: GizmoChina, MyDrivers

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        1. ibang generation ang 1+ . Besides it never killed any flagship. Wala ka namang mabili na 1+ eh. Paano nila papatayin ang competition? ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. By a technicality, it killed some flagships.
            Sa looks pa lang, patay na ang LGG3. Pero sa specs, patay na yung HTC OneM8. Tas sa software, lalong pinatay ng CyanogenOS ng 1+ yung Touchwhizz.

            Pero yeah, you can buy one sa Lazada or even buy one na sa mismong 1+ website since wala na silang invites.
            Hindi forever ang invites hehehehe.

  1. ganda neto. sa totoo lang, tagal ko ng pinangarap magka mi- mula pa nung:
    redmi- not available
    mi3- no stocks
    mi4-availabe sa greymarket pero parang tinaga naman sa presyo,
    at ngayon eto. cgurado next year maavailable to, at no stocks sa lazada, at sobrang mahal naman sa other online greymarket!
    haay, maglalaway nalang kakanuod ng review at hands on ng cp na to sa ytube!
    buti n lang c*mming na zf2!

  2. The 810 is a dud.. That is now fact after extensive reviews from the HTC m9 have come out (in some cases the m8 is faster than the m9). That is the reason the LG’s G4 flagship uses the 808 and the Sony Z4 is only launching in Japan (their biggest market/fanbase) . Of course Qualcomm will never admit their flagship SOC is a dud.

    And to think that the M9 uses a 1080p screen.. pairing the 810 with a QHD screen is a nightmare as the processor will definitely be overworked (and thus will throttle down more often).. Qualcomm dropped the ball on the 810 and it is simply not a drool-worthy spec for any phone at the moment…

    If this rumor is true, the only way it becomes very enticing is if the price is super low (like the Mi3 pricing compared with other with snapdragon 800 competitors or the OnePlus pricing compared with other 801 phones).. meaning they need to price it at half price of the M9 which is about $350 .. ๐Ÿ™‚

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