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Xiaomi Officially Goes To Offline Sales In PH, Here’s The Stores Where You Can Find Them

Xiaomi Offline

Here are the stores where you can buy Xiaomi’s products

Back in May we reported that Xiaomi is officially heading to offline sales in the Philippines, mirroring their strategy in India and today, Mi Philippines has officially confirmed that they have finished the process and are now in numerous physical stores in Manila, North and South Luzon, as well as in Cebu and Davao. Just like what Mi Philippines announced back in May, expect slightly higher prices when paying for their products in retail stores compared online.

Xiaomi products

EDIT: We just confirmed with Xiaomi’s PR arm in the PH, the prices will still be the same (for the meantime). The prices posted in this Facebook post by Mi Philippines should be the same price in physical stores.

Even though Xiaomi has moved to offline sales, Lazada CEO Inanc Balci says that they will still be the primary sales channel of Xiaomi here in the Philippines, and will still carry the Chinese firm’s products.

You can see the complete list of stores in Mi Philippines’ Facebook post here.¬†Xiaomi’s products will be on sale in the stores mentioned starting June 27.

What do you think of Xiaomi’s move to offline sales? Will you buy more products from them now that they’re in malls and stores everywhere? Let us know in the comments below.

John Nieves

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      1. “Mi Philippines has officially confirmed that they have finished the process and are now in numerous physical stores in Manila, North and South Luzon, as well as in Cebu and Davao.”

        –Sir Carlo, where exactly located mga stores nila?

        1. WTF! Can’t trust a company that doesn’t have its own dedicated web page. Screw Facebook u cheap skate.. friggin chinqs

  1. Price increase is the ultimate failure for xiaomi in our market. From what i understand, all products will have around a 20% increase from its current price. LOL. Bye xiaomi.

  2. Wala ng edge ang Xiomai. Previously, bang for the buck sila. Pero ngayon pataas ang price nila while competitor mas mura na.

  3. If Xiaomi is not careful with their marketing strategy (Price increase, underwhelming devices etc)…ASUS will rape them in the a-S-s sooner than we might expect

    1. eh? don’t know about ASUS raping them considering the price for the second generation of Zenfones has substantially gone up over the first generation of Zenfones.

      the cheapest Zenfone 2 you can find is almost exactly the same in specs as the cheaper Zenfone 5 minus the LTE.

      1. ASUS has the name recognition in our market where xiaomi has it’s roots in the online community. asus is more visible and has more physical stores when you can easily purchase their devices. once the price increase will take effect, xiaomi will have ZERO edge against recognized international brands.

  4. if something’s going to rape Xiaomi, it will be the sub 8K octa-core phones that are proliferating this year

  5. kung powerbank lang at redmi phones at mi pad ang ibebenta nila sa physical stores nila wala ring silbi dahil hindi sa mga products na yun intresado ang pinoy, at hindi dahil sa mga products na yun kaya sila pinaguusapan. dalhin nila dito yung mga high end products nila like mi note, mi note pro, mi 4. plano yata nilang ibenta dito yung mga yun dtio pag laos na o kapag meron ng mi 5, mi note 2, mi note pro 2.

  6. It’s kinda like Lazada is fencing us off from xiaomi’s high end phones to be displayed in physical stores due to the posibility sudden surge of xiaomi buyers and Lazada doesn’t want to let go of that extra cash to physical store owners

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