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Xiaomi To Possibly Acquire GoPro with Latest Development

Xiaomi-branded Hero action cameras, anyone?

It’s no secret that GoPro is struggling financially and that the company is open to various options as of this moment. While it has recently expanded its business through a signed partnership with Jabil, this recent development is rather interesting.

According to a report by The Information, Xiaomi is slated to make an offer to GoPro, and that GoPro CEO Nick Woodman is open to the possibility. While Xiaomi has made action cameras similar to GoPro in the past with its Yi Action Camera, it is being cautious with the possible deal with GoPro as it “doesn’t want to overpay.” Chinese camera company DJI was considered for the acquisition deal but found no value with GoPro as a company.

Should the deal push through, GoPro is slated to sell for around $1 Billion, which should help the company with its struggling finances.



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  1. Chinese brands are not known to innovate. So if they buy the competition, the technology could stagnate.

  2. Chinese companies steal, copy or re-engineer foreign technology, make it low quality and really cheap then sell millions. The original company would go bankrupt, then a chinese company will buy it for name cradibility and familiarity.

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