Xiaomi Working on a Phone with Dual Punch Holes on the Display

It is better than having two notches doe

Punch hole displays are going to be the smartphone trend for 2019. Samsung, Huawei, and Honor have launched phones with a tiny hole on the display, and Motorola is set to launch their own take soon.

That does not stop brands on exploring other designs: Xiaomi, for their part, is exploring the idea of having two punch holes on the display. Spotted by LetsGoDigital, the patent filing includes 24 different designs, including one that appears to have a hole for the earpiece. Xiaomi’s implementation is different

Xiaomi’s implementation is different from Samsung’s Galaxy S10+, as the latter has an oblong-like hole to hold the two front cameras.

Xiaomi is currently working on the Mi 9 and Mi Max 4, so there’s a good chance that the Chinese brand might implement the dual punch hole design on either phone.

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  1. Im a big fan of xiaomi, but i hope they would not burn up their capital in releasing a lot of new phones these year and investing in new tech. its good that consumers would have a lot of choices and differentiate from their competition, but it might hurt them in the long run,especially that they dont go beyond the 5% overhead cost of their phones.

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