Xiaomi’s Mi Note 3 Gets High Marks In DXoMark

The bang-for-the-buck phone gets 90 in the benchmark

Here’s another reason to brave the wilds of grey market sellers to get Xiaomi’s Mi Note 3: camera benchmarking site DXoMark recently concluded their tests on Xiaomi’s latest phone and found the device’s camera performance to be pretty good. Specifically, the phone managed to bag an overall score of 90, with its photo score coming in at 94 and its video score at 82. 

The Mi Note 3 earned praises for its reliable and fast autofocus, zoom as well as its simulated bokeh, though noise in images (especially in low light) dragged its score down. It also had a few issues with video, namely poor detail which also affected its final score. But as it stands the Mi Note 3 currently shares its spot with much more expensive phone, HTC’s U11 which as earlier hailed as best Android smartphone for photography when it came out a few months ago. 

John Nieves

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