Xiaomi’s New Mi Laser Projector Brings Pro-level Cinema To Your Home

It’s a fraction of the cost of a typical laser projector

While DLP projectors are the most common way for home theater buffs to enjoy movies on the big screen, nothing beats using a bonafide laser projector. Unfortunately, professional-grade laser projectors are prohibitively expensive, typically retailing around 700K. Xiaomi’s newest offering, the Mi Laser Projector does for budget home theater what it did for smartphonesoffer a high-quality product that does the same job of more expensive equivalents at a fraction of a price.

The Mi Laser Projector is able to project an image around 150-inches big, with an ALPD 3.0 laser light source tech developed by Appotronics, the firm behind 90% of the laser projectors in China. Xiaomi also teamed up with Texas Instruments for the custom digital light processing (or DLP) solution used by their product.

Laser projectors are superior to all the other tech currently available in the market by offering better run times, better brightness (Xiaomi’s laser projector can go up to 5000 lumens) and wider color gamut.

The Mi Laser Projector has its own speaker system when you buy it, and has all the bits that is present on Xiaomi’s own Mi TV box, so you can stream effortlessly once you connect it to your home network.

Xiaomi’s Mi Laser Projector is priced at a mere RMB 9999 or around Php 74K, and will be available to buy in China starting July 4.

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