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Xiaomi’s Promise: Price Match With China, No More Than 2 Months For Local Release

Straight from the horses’ mouth

If you haven’t heard, Xiaomi is back in the Philippines. The company announced their re-entry to the Philippine market today, and the company has learned quite a bit from their three-year hiatus from our local market.

One of the biggest pain points for the company the first time around was the slow release schedule of newly-announced smartphones into the Philippine market, something that John Chen, Xiaomi’s Overseas Business Development Manager is aiming to fix.

According to Chen, Xiaomi is now looking to get their newly announced phones to the Philippines as soon as possible, and is looking to get the phones to our shores in no less than two months from their Chinese announcement.

Additionally, Chen states that he has a directive from Xiaomi HQ to keep the price as close to the ones in China. Obviously local taxes and quirks in how our country works in terms of imports will change pricing a little bit but you can expect at most a 10% variance in either direction.

Redmi 5 Plus Officially Available In The Philippines

Redmi 5 Plus Officially Available In The Philippines



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