20 Day TRO Issued Against Uber, GrabCar


TRO comes on the busiest time of the year

The Quezon City Regional Trial Court had issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the processing of applications for vehicles applying to become Transport Network Vehicle Services, which is required to become part of Uber or GrabCar.

The TRO, granted in favor of the Stop and Go Coalition, stops the operation of transportation network vehicle service (TNVS) without certificate of public convenience or franchise.

According to GMA News, Jun Magno, the president of the coalition, said that the operation of Uber and Grab is wrong because not having a franchise is against the law, and they are charging passengers without following the tariff issued by the LTFRB.

UPDATE: The Quezon City Judge that originally issued the TRO has clarified the TRO is against the “processing of new applicants accepting, processing and approving of applications of motor applications of motor vehicles as public utility vehicles accredited and belonging to TNVS”, and does not cover the operations of both Uber and GrabCar. We’ve updated the story to reflect this.



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    1. Luddites indeed. These dinosaurs and their inability and lack of desire to evolve with modern needs and efficient systems are the ones that need to die out as soon as possible, because they’re the kinds of relics that drag everyone else behind.

      This sheer idiocy known as the “Stop and Go Coalition” needs to” 1)STOP, and 2)GO away permanently.

  1. For me very unfair talaga. Bakit pa magkaron ng LTFRB at mga regulation sa transportation, kung celphone lng at app pwede na tumakbo as public transport. I-sarado na siguro LTFRB kung pwede pala agad agad magoperate ang grab at uber.

    1. Uber and Grabcar are accredited by the LTFRB. They are also regulated and have much better customer service than any run of the mill jeepney, taxi, or UV. Complaints can be filed easily unlike abusive “professional drivers” that get away with what they do. Its quite sad that a “cellphone and app” can provide better service than traditional transport means. Its not unfair, its called competition.

      1. Philippine business has always been allergic to real competition. They like their old systems, their old ways, their unfair advantages, and their ability to dictate their will over the masses, who are deprived of other choices and are forced to capitulate. These new systems are a very real threat to them and their power, because it is these newcomers are finally empowering more people towards a better life.

        This country is a mockery of democracy and free market principles.

  2. Traditional taxi often gets into quarrel with passenger because of too much preferences once you got inside and ask too many questions and milking excuses (na keso traffic, dagdagan daw kasi malayo, etc etc) just to end up arguing and slamming their doors. In Grab they select those rides that are willing to provide service without the common hassle and arguments for a cost of a bit higher, but does not waste your time and getting into a fight sometimes. You don’t need to go out of roads to find traditional taxis for hours standing, you simply wait at your doorstep when they arrive. Those are vast improvements that should eradicate traditional unprofessional taxi drivers and should remove too old taxi units. They should reconsider and simply apply the same as others did for the sake of better transportation service.

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