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8-inch Dancing and Talking Minions: Dave, Tim, and Stewart

The Minions!!!
The Minions!!!

Minion Dave, Tim and Stuart

The Minion craze has definitely reached an all-time high here in the Philippines. Mcdonald’s started everything when they offered free Minions toys with their Happy Meals. From what we’ve heard and what we experienced ourselves, the Minion Happy Meals sold out like crazy and you’ll have a difficult time if you want to complete all of ’em. Fortunately there was still another set of Minions, albeit much more expensive, that we could get. Toys R Us is selling 8-10-inch interactive Minions and our low EQ had us buying all three of ’em. Nyahahaha!

Here’s a quick rundown of the three Minions and their “interactive” capabilities.

Minion Dave

8-inch dancing Dave
8-inch dancing Dave

Among all three minions, Dave is probably the most fun and interesting one. If you press the button on his over-alls near his stomach he breaks into a dance while either talking or singing the banana song. The control switch is at the back and you can either set it to OFF, TRY, or PLAY. Setting it to try will just cycle through three modes – two speaking lines and the partial banana song. Setting it to PLAY makes Dave say a lot of stuff and eventually the full banana song.

Dave is the most expensive Minion selling for Php2,799.75.

Minion Tim

Minion Tim sings!
Minion Tim sings!

If Dave was all about dancing, Tim is all about singing! Tim’s controls though are pretty weird. You can press the button on his over-alls near his stomach but that will just cycle through some expressions. If you want him to sing you have to grab his head and then swing it side to side for around 6 times. Unlike Dave, Tim is made from softer material making him a little more fun to play with (Dave is solid plastic).

Minion Stuart

LOL like there's no tomorrow
LOL like there’s no tomorrow
Dave dances, Tim sings, and Stuart LOLS. Yes, you read that right… he LOLS. If you press the button on his over-all quickly for around 6 times he breaks out into uncontrollable laughter. A bit freaky if you ask me, hehe.

Minion Tim and Stuart sell for Php2,599.75 each.

Other Despicable Me Toys

Toys R Us also offers other Despicable Me toys including Gru, the Fluffy Unicorn, and smaller versions of the Minions.

Smaller Stuart with Fart Gun
Smaller Stuart with Fart Gun

The smaller minions are more than half the price of the bigger ones but they don’t have the dancing, singing, and talking capabilities. They’re more like static action figures than anything else.

Minions in action on video

We recently featured the three Minions on our podcast. Watch them do all the singing, dancing, LOLing, and talking below. To skip right to the Minion segment just go to 14:46.

If you’re interested in buying head on over to the nearest Toys R Us store. Stocks are running dangerously low.

Carlo Ople

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