Airfrov Helps People Pick Up Stuff For You From Around the World


This is a great app idea for the PH!

There’s a lot of great stuff to be bought online, problem is you never really know what you’re going to be charged when the people at the customs house get their hands on it. Add shipping costs to that equation, and most people just avoid buying items overseas. But people in Singapore have a solution to that problem in the form of Airfrov, a unique service that pays people to pick up your items from all over the world.

Airfrov process

If you’re based in Singapore, you can ask other people to pick up items for you from around the world. The service pairs buyers with frequent travellers who don’t mind picking up an item abroad, putting it in their luggage and flying back. This circumvents shipping fees and potentially higher customs charges when bought and shipped without the service. Both buyer and seller will need to agree on a price for the item, and Airfov earns 7% off of the agreed price.

To facilitate payments (and to ensure no one goes back on their word) Airfov holds the payment of the item from the buyer in escrow, while the traveller then buys the item in the US using their own money. Once he/she gets back to SG, they can either deposit the item at Airfov’s office or meetup with the buyer, who will then release the payment from escrow to the traveller.

We think this is a great idea for an app here in the PH. Asking friends and family to bring back items from abroad is normal here in the PH, and it’s about time we incentivized the practice. If Airfrov is willing to setup shop here in the PH, or if any other local developer can set up a similar service, you can bet that we’ll be ordering enough man toys from the US and other countries it could blot out the sun.

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      1. I’m sure aalma ang customs sa app na ito. Mababypass kasi sila at mawawalan ng kita. Pero maganda ang business structure ng airfrov. 7% lang ang hinihingi.

    1. Sana di ganun kalaki magpatong si Traveller. Okay to kasi prang may middlemen na mageensure na safe yung transaction. Ang mas okay pa dito hindi ka na mag-aantay pa ng sobrang tagal bago mo mapunta sa’yo yung item at iwas sa magugulang na customs. Magkakaroon yan dito for sure hehe

  1. Count me in as one of those who would definitely try this. Hirap kaya magcollect dito nung mga Kamen Rider Figures :) Nakakatakot kasi kapag sa customs na. Baka taga ng husto. :)

  2. Those looking at buying stuff from the US may check out I’ve been shipping items through them for more than a year now.

    Very affordable rates; $5.99 or $8.50 per pound via air freight or $2.99 per pound via sea freight. Rates include customs and other applicable taxes so no need to worry about corrupt customs officials. Plus the items are delivered directly to your doorstep.

    1. Have checked MSB as well as JAC, pero I think mas okay ito, di hassle. Para ka lang nagpapabili sa kamag-anak or kaibigan mo abroad.

    2. I have been using JAC and to be honest, shipping rates are expensive. It negates the discounts I get at Amazon.

  3. If Smart takes note of this, that would be great.

    Smart Cooldeliver service helps pick up stuff for you around the world without the pesky customs fee.

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