Amazing Spiderman (July 2012) Teaser Trailer

Coming July 2012!

Marvel Studio is going all out in promoting their films. After the so-called “leaked” Avengers Teaser Trailer (which got me watching Iron Man 2 on Blu-ray again), we’re treated to the trailer of one of Marvel’s most iconic superheroes ever created: your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

In a franchise reboot from Sam Raimi’s original Trilogy with Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, the new Spider-Man movie entitled “The Amazing Spider-Man” will be directed by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer). Playing the part of Peter Parker is Andrew Garfield (The Social Network).

So far, we are liking the new look from this teaser trailer. The CG right towards the end might be quite in early stages (cause it felt like a video game than an actual movie footage). We’re hoping that they’ll be able to clean that up and make it ever better during post production. Anyway, enough talk! Here’s the trailer:

The Amazing Spider-Man is slated for July 2012 showing.

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