Angkas Apologizes for Social Media Snafu

Their witty remarks went a little overboard

Angkas is known for two things: as a suitable public transport alternative to Grab, and for their cheeky campaigns. Angkas has been winning social media for the latter, especially with the witty replies over its official Twitter account. However, things went overboard when it likened their service to sex.

The said tweet drew mixed reactions to netizens, with the majority of them think that it was inappropriate. It did not take long before Angkas acknowledged their snafu and issued an apology:

In the said statement, Angkas acknowledged the misstep with the said Tweet and promised to not use sex in promoting its services for creating buzz on social media. Nonetheless, Angkas stood by its 99.997% safety record as a testament to its promise of providing safe transportation to commuters.

Prior to this, Grab drew ire on social media after associating female celebrities linked to Gerald Anderson with their GrabShare service.

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