Google Introduces Safe Folder for Files App

Keeping your important and sensitive files safe

With Google Files having over 150 million users, the tech giant added a new feature in the form of Safe Folder. Protected by a 4-digit encrypted PIN, this special folder protects important documents, images, videos and audio files from being accessed by others. It is so secure that users are not allowed to take screenshots or screen recordings of files inside Safe Folder.

“While privacy looks different for each person, this feature is one way we’re providing greater controls for people to manage their personal content, even when sharing devices,” Google Product Manager Joris van Mens said.

For those unfamiliar, Files is an Android app that helps in managing one’s internal storage by deleting duplicate or junk files. Safe Folder is rolling out in beta for select countries including the Philippines, and will be available to Android phones with Android 8.0/Oreo and above.


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