Microsoft’s Your Phone Gives a Seamless Link with Windows 10

Microsoft's Answer to Huawei Share?

If you want to do stuff you normally do with your phone on your laptop, Microsoft’s Your Phone app is your solution. A new native app that is available in the most current build of Windows 10 (version 2004 on the laptop we’ve tested so far), Your Phone lets you answer phone calls, respond to texts, view your phone’s photo gallery, and check notifications using your Windows 10 laptop.

In principle, it is similar to how Huawei Share works when you pair a Huawei laptop with a Huawei phone, except Microsoft’s solution is more universal—you can use it with any Android or iOS device.

There’s a bit of a catch, however: unless you are using a compatible Samsung phone (ie. Galaxy Note 20 Series and Galaxy Tab S7 to name a few), Your Phone is limited to notifications, messages, calls, and photos when used with other Android or iOS devices. With supported Samsung phones, Your Phone even lets you access your apps through your laptop, and we hope Microsoft expands the support for this nifty feature on other devices.



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  1. Useless, tried several times to link my phone with my laptop but cannot go beyond 90 percent of the supposed pairing.

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