Blizzard’s New MOBA Game Heroes of the Storm Looks Amazing!

Blizzard Heroes of the Storm!

Blizzard finally took the wraps off their new multiplayer online battleground arena game and they named it “Heroes of the Storm”! Think DOTA except with real characters from the Blizzard universe. They did make key changes in the mechanics though like shifting the focus to map objectives, having dedicated support characters (one of them just stays at the base behind the gates), and team level ups (not individual). The nicest part though is mixing and matching up the different characters from the Blizzard universe against each other. To get a better idea of what we’re talking about watch the cinematic trailer above and see Jim Raynor take on Diablo, lol!

Here’s a quick video showing what actual game play is like.

Heroes of the Storm Game Play Video

We’re definitely going to make sure we play this one! No word yet though on release date (ugh).

Congratulations Blizz! Looks like this one can redeem the failure which is Diablo 3! 😛

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