DBrand Warns Against Using Skins on the Nintendo Switch

If you’re one of the many people who have chosen to buy the Nintendo Switch on Day One, you’re probably looking for ways and accessories to protect your precious investment. I’m sure that some of you have already looked through the available array of cases and screen protectors, because us Pinoys like to keep our devices at a certain kinis factor just in case you want to resell your console, while others may have been looking at placing skins on the Switch and on the Joy-Con controllers to take things a step further.

Well, you may want to hold off on the latter, as famous device skin maker — dbrand — has just made a post on reddit saying that you shouldn’t apply decals on your device. Here’s an excerpt from their post.

We’re here to make a public service announcement that under no circumstances should you be buying a vinyl skin / wrap for your Nintendo Switch. Seems like a counter-intuitive narrative from the world’s leading skin manufacturer, right?

The post continues as they explain how Nintendo has cured their JoyCon controllers and the Switch console itself, making them resistant to the adhesive they use. Check out what happened to the JoyCon controller and console they got in advance.

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Thinking that the retail version would produce different results, as sometimes they often do, they bought a console at launch and began testing anew and, let’s just day, it didn’t go well either.

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dbrand will begin refunding customers who have pre-ordered their skins for the Nintendo Switch in the next couple of days, but will process deliveries for any other products that they may have ordered along with the Switch skins.

Good job, dbrand! You may not serve us directly but other brands, both local and international, could definitely learn a thing or two from this move.


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