Duterte Turns To The Masses For Campaign Funding, Outs Scratch Cards


The scratch cards are traceable sources of campaign funding

Presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte is turning towards unconventional means for his campaign funds. The Davao mayor has outed scratch cards with denominations ranging from Php 25 up to Php 500,000.


The scratch cards come in a variety of designs and materials – the cheaper cards priced from Php 25 to Php 500 are paper while the higher denominations from Php 1000 all the way to Php 500,000 are made out of PVC.


Each card has a PIN number that can be scratched off, which the contributor sends via SMS to a central gateway. This allows the funds to be continually tracked and traceable, which can be submitted to authorities later if there are doubts about the source of the funds.

Duterte’s camp also says that the cards can be a form of deterrent against cheating in the coming polls, as the card holder’s name and addresses registered in their database can be cross-checked against the database of the COMELEC in different precincts if they text “voted” to the SMS gateway right after the polls.

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  1. There are only about 2 million Pinoys with a functioning brain. And only about a dozen super smart folks. We need more of the latter to become really prosperous, not another iron fist.

        1. Yes and thats because of the irresponsible governance of our administration way back from cory aquino :D, being a not-so-intellectual person, my bet is for miriam santiago, but if the masses bet for duterte or binay, id rather stick my vote for duterte rather allowing binay to win because of being a smart voter

    1. Wala. gusto ko lang magpapansin. di na kase ako napapansin e. tsaka gusto ko ren maging presidenteng aktibistang bading

  2. this really means that he don’t know the money of the billionaires to run for presidency so that no string well be attach to him when he seats at the highest office..

  3. macocompromise po yata confidentiality ng voter if he or she texted voted since registered yung card sa camp ni DU30 diba? although may choice yung mga voters to confirm “their votes”, there might still be some ulterior motives sa idea na ito. 😀

  4. There is a possible vulnerability, a possible way to peddle influence, to “launder” influence. The system tracks not only the names of the individual voters but also the distributors. A rich individual can buy say 10 million pesos worth of 100k cards (100 pieces) then either buy 100 sim cards or rent 100 poor people + their cellphones to register. Its not vote buying if the poor people are never told that they to vote for him.

    After elections the rich individual can go to the candidate and show records that he was the distributor of 10million and ask for favors. Of course the candidate can either accept or refuse to pay back this utang na loob

    1. Wala sa history ni Duterte na nagpabili ng “utang na loob”. Kaya nga hindi tumatanggap ng mga donors na may pangalan. Kahit na may pangalan yung bumibili ng Scratch Card, ituturing pa rin yan na donation.

  5. Another issue. They say the database can see how many people hold the card in a precinct say 100 card holders. And in the official election results if there are less than 100 votes in that precinct then thats evidence of cheating.

    Nice in theory but not accurate in practice. Afaik any one can buy a card, even non voters. For example a 17 year old student wanted to contribute to the campaign fund with his small savings but the student’s parents and relatives just so happen to support the other candidates so they refuse to register and the 17 year old non voter has to register himself/herself.

    And also, what if the address the contributor registers in is different from his precinct? There are people who live in metro manila but go home to the provinces to vote, for various reasons

  6. Pinoys be like:

    SI Telstra ang pag asa ng internet connection sa bayan
    Result: Nga-nga

    Si Duterte ang pag asa sa gobyerno
    Result: ????

    Tumigil na kau mga Dutertards at Telstard please!!!

  7. Yes and thats because of the irresponsible governance of our administration way back from cory aquino, or lets include marcos. Hmm marcos is way better 1000% than any of his successors :D, being an average thinker, my bet is for miriam santiago, but if the masses bet for duterte or binay, id rather stick my vote for duterte rather allowing binay to win because of being a smart voter

    1. Not just the hypocritical Cory. During Marcos’ time, instead of supporting the sciences and engineering fields, the dumbass Blas Ople encouraged the exportation of manpower. So now we have the uto-uto OFW classes that’s set to flood the already constrained job markets because the supposedly rich countries they’re working from suddenly heads for the poor house.

  8. Rody Duterte inspirational cards is a non-conventional campaign strategy to promote a political campaign system wherein people invest for the campaign of the candidate rather than candidates giving “dole outs” to their supporters.

    Instead of candidates accepting donations from multinational companies and business interest groups, ordinary people can have the opportunity to directly invest and contribute to the campaign. The candidate is thus indebted to the people, and not to the oligarchs.

    For as little as P25.00, your contribution will be significant in Duterte’s sorties and platform dissemination. Remember that when we invest on something, we reprise the responsibility of treasuring such investments either in terms of support or commitment on such ideals. Thus, creating a solid support base rather than a loose fan base.

    This card system will create a database to be utilized for campaign projections. Donation data will also be made readily available for submission as required by COMELEC rules.

    1. You can get one from the facebook page of Rudy Duterte for president movement international. I think they may still have some.

  9. Duterte did ask his supporters to help his campaign. And yes he said he has no money so the supporters have to come up with the cash and machinery on their own and thats exactly what this is. And no, Duterte did NOT in any way make us do this like what this post is intentionally misleading people to believe. Get your facts straight.

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