Facebook to Integrate Messenger Back to the Main App

A change we are all waiting for?

Earlier this year, Facebook announced that it plans to integrate all of its messaging apps under one umbrella to enable cross-messaging in the future. Recently, Jane Wong spotted that Facebook is working on bringing back Messenger to the main app, eliminating the need for a separate Messenger app. The last time Messenger was integrated into the main app was in 2014.

From the screenshots Wong took, you get an updated header with a white background and reorganized set of icons. On the upper right corner, you have your Messenger icon, which brings you to the Chats window, giving you an overview of your chat conversations.

The current build Wong spotted is limited to simple text conversations. If you want features like video calls and file sharing, you will need the standalone Messenger app. Nonetheless, having the ability to send text conversations via Facebook’s main app is still a good thing.

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