Final Fantasy IX Now Out in iOS and Android, Will Do 818 Damage To Your Wallet


Get it while it’s hot!

Surprise! Square Enix has officially released Final Fantasy IX today, and the iconic game is now available in both Android and iOS.

Final Fantasy IX 1

The ninth installment of the franchise now features higher res models compared to the original release, and has a couple of cheat modes available (if you just want to skip through the story) including no random encounters, a ridiculous 9,999 damage toggle for all of your characters and more.

Final Fantasy IX

Just like all the other Final Fantasy titles on mobile platforms, this isn’t going to be cheap – it’s going to do 818 worth of critical damage on your wallet, but let’s face it, many of you are probably going to buy it anyway because nostalgia.

John Nieves

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    1. not the same coz u wont get the high-res and the “cheats”. u would also need to play around the ps2 emulating the controls and other features. and then the acievements. so, not the same.

    2. And miss out on all the new modes like possible cloud storage, always 9999 damage and no encounters? OH PERISH THE THOUGHT!! /sarcasm

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