Google Announces Stadia Gaming Platform

It has a unique approach to gaming

Google announced that it is joining the gaming scene with the introduction of Stadia. The new gaming platform is a cloud-based infrastructure that works via the Chrome browser, Chromecast, and Pixel devices.

Part of Stadia’s goal is to make game streaming accessible to any display that is compatible with the platform. Google promises 4K gameplay at 60FPS with support for HDR and surround sound, along with 4K video streaming at 60FPS. Since Stadia will utilize Google’s global network of data centers, Google claims that this will give game developers the freedom to create games with “nearly unlimited resources”.

Together with the launch of Stadia, Google also introduced the Stadia controller. Aside from looking like your typical game controller, the Stadia controller includes dedicated buttons for Google Assistant and for taking screenshots and comes with a built-in microphone. It connects to Google’s data centers via WiFi.

As much as Google’s new platform is promising, there are many questions to the actual gaming experience. Since it uses the internet, Stadia’s overall performance will greatly depend on the quality of one’s internet connection.


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