Grab For Work Makes It Easy For HR To Consolidate Receipts

Grab For Work

Are you an HR manager that’s having trouble consolidating official receipts of employees using ride sharing services like Uber and Grab? Listen up, your life is about to get easier, at least if your company is a regular user of Grab – the ride-sharing app has introduced Grab For Work which makes it easier than ever before for employees (and employers) to pay for official company rides.

Grab For Work functions much like the usual Grab service, but has enhanced features that make it easier to keep track of expenses for reimbursements and the like. Digital receipts are sent straight to inboxes for easier liquidation and consolidation. Speaking of liquidation, Grab For Work also allows users to pay via different methods, including personal credit cards, corporate cards, debit cards and even cash. Companies can even arrange for monthly billing for companies who have a lot of people who are regularly out in the field. Grab For Work also makes it easier for managers to see exactly where their people are going and how much they’re paying for transportation every month.

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