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Jun Sabayton Takes on Everything Wrong with PH Politics with Bayaw for President

Online viral sensation and TV5 talent Jun Sabayton as "Bayaw for President"
Online viral sensation and TV5 talent Jun Sabayton as “Bayaw for President”


Jun Sabayton, one of the most insanely funny guys on TV and on YouTube, is taking on everything wrong with PH politics through a satire campaign with TV5 called “BAYAW FOR PRESIDENT”. He basically plays uh… himself as “Congressman Jun BAYAW Sabayton” and he’s the embodiment of traditional politics (TRAPO). He’s been appearing in a lot of online videos and lately even in the news. Heck the guy even has an interview about what he’s doing on PEP and Manila Bulletin (which you can watch below).

It’s definitely one of the most novel ways to educate voters, especially the younger ones, about what kind of politician they should vote for. You can also see how TV5 has been very supportive of it with no less than their News Chief, Luchi Cruz-Valdes, doing the voice over for the opening and end frames of his videos with the line “Ikaw, anong nais mo?”

The craziest moment we’ve seen so far BAYAW do though is not yet available on video but only in a photo. Here’s Vice President Binay na sinusubuan ni BAYAW.


That laugh on Erwin Tulfo’s face is priceless.

Anyway, check out some of the BAYAW videos below. You can also join the campaign by liking their Facebook Page. Basta dito sa Unbox.ph, kay BAYAW KAMI! :P

BAYAW on Manila Bulletin


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