Justice League Sizzle Reel is Full of Awesome! Watch it!

We can’t wait for November 2017!

The highly-anticipated Justice League movie isn’t set to hit the cinemas for another year, but we’re pretty sure that you’re hyped or, at the very least, curious to see what’s happening behind the scenes. Thankfully, Zack Snyder has released, what he’s calling, a sizzle reel that’s just full of awesomeness. The sizzle reel includes footage from filming, to clips of the actors training, bloopers, and a shot of the entire team together (sans Superman, of course) that seriously gave us goosebumps.

The Justice League movie picks up where Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice left off, with Wonder Woman and Batman planning to recruit other Meta-Humans to combat incoming threats to the planet. Now, admittedly, some of us didn’t agree with Snyder’s vision for the BvS movie, but most of us are psyched remain hopeful and this sizzle reel definitely helps get us excited for next year’s movie release.

Want more footage from the Justice League movie? Check out the footage that was released during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Jamie Inocian

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