Justin Timberlake Futuresex/Loveshow (Live Madison Square Garden) DVD

Justin Timberlake started out as part of the boy band Nsync. In the last few years though he’s matured as one of the world’s best male entertainers and he even crossed over to Hollywood for several movies including the critically acclaimed film Social Network. I’m not really a fan of his acting but this guy can definitely put up a spectacular show. His concert in Madison Square Garden, New York, named the Futurexex/Loveshow is one of the best concerts I’ve seen on DVD. Every number was well thought of and the attention to detail was amazing.

In the concert you’ll see JT sing, dance, beatbox, and play several instruments (keyboards, guitars, etc). If you want a preview of the concert search Youtube for his My Love performance. You’ll get blown away. Props also to the production team, dancers, and the band. While JT was the star, this show was definitely a team effort to pull off.

DVD is available in AstroVision for Php 610.

Carlo Ople

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