JustRollIt: A New Take on a Table Top Classic


A fun game that doesn’t take forever to play

We’re pretty sure that at one time or another, you’ve spent some time gathered around the table with friends or family aiming to see who would be the real estate mogul in a board game whose boxed is graced by an elderly, dapper gentleman wearing his signature top hat and monocle. Monopoly is definitely one of those games that brings back a lot of childhood memories for us, but barring its card game variation, takes too long to play if you just have a couple of minutes to kill.


We’ve recently been pointed to an online version of a game that’s available for PC, called JustRollIt, and is quite similar to this table top classic, but with a couple of twists to make it a little more interesting and keep the games shorter as well; perfect for that quick fix during lunch break. After a quick registration process at their website (http://justrollit.ph) and client download, you pretty much fire up the game and jump into the room.


As mentioned above, gameplay is very similar to Monopoly. Click on the button to roll the dice, your pawn lands on a piece of property, purchase said property if you have enough cash, and build villas, hotels, and landmarks on to jack up the rent. An opponent does the same thing and pays you if they happen to land on something you own. All in the hopes of amassing your wealth and making your opponents bankrupt; it’s all the standard fanfare you’d come to expect. However, this is where the similarities end and JustRollIt throws a few curve balls.

Once an opponent lands on one your properties and pays you rent, they have the option of snatching it from you by simply paying twice its rental fee. There are also some dice mods that you can purchase to increase the likely hood of you rolling odds or evens to help you get to a space you need. We’re told that the character or pawn you select at the beginning can also affect the gameplay, but we didn’t notice anything different in the games we’ve played.


The biggest difference of JustRollIt is the introduction of more victory conditions. While a game of Monopoly usually ends when players go bankrupt, JustRollIt gives you three more ways to win the game via Line Victory, which simply means that a player owns an entire strip of the board, through a Triple Victory, where a player owns three monopolies of different colors, or a Tourism Victory, where a player owns all 6 tourists spots on the board. These victory conditions and tiny tweaks make the average play time around 15 minutes.

One thing we need to mention as well is that you can potentially earn real cash by playing JustRollIt because they do have Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Raffles plus a few GC giveaways as well. The highest cash prize we’ve seen announced of their Facebook page has been P5,000. Not bad at all.

You can check out JustRollIt by heading to their website: http://justrollit.ph.

Jamie Inocian

A self-confessed geek. Jamie started out helping out on the Unbox Podcast and became the Digital Sales Manager when he joined the team full time. He has since then transitioned into one of our Senior Editors and Head Video Producer.


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