Lazada Resumes Delivery of Essential Goods

A little bit of good news

Do you need to order essential goods and do not want to line up at groceries and supermarkets due to the COVID-19 scare? eCommerce giant Lazada recently emailed an advisory to all of its customers, stating that they will resume the delivery of essential goods as per DTI’s latest directive.

Items classified as essential goods include alcohol and sanitizers, personal care, vitamins and supplements, baby personal care, fresh meat and vegetables, canned goods, snacks, beverages, household supplies, laundry materials, and pet care essentials. This gives everyone another option to buy essential goods, as most groceries and supermarkets experience long lines due to the implementation of social distancing.

There are limitations however: cash on delivery remains to be unavailable, so customers are encouraged to use eWallets or credit cards upon check out. In addition, deliveries will be delayed due to high demand.

You can read Lazada’s full statement below:


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