Marvel Releases First Look at Avengers: Infinity Wars

Ever since Iron Man was released way back in 2008, all hope that making and actually watching a great movie based on a popular comic book has been restored; Sorry, but the X-Men movies just weren’t that good and let’s try not to bring up DC’s Green Lantern. While all these movies that span nearly a decade long can stand on their own, it’s really the underlying thread that has us staying in our seats until the end of the credits; unless you really wanted to see the Avengers get some shawarma after kicking Chitauri butt in the first Avengers movie. Yes, that’s right we’ve been waiting in anticipation for the climax of what Marvel has brilliantly put together in their Cinematic Universe: the coming of Thanos and beginning of the Infinity War.

Avengers: Infinity War is still a year away, May 2018 to be exact, but that doesn’t mean that Marvel can’t start building up stream ¬†for when the hype train beckons to have us all on board. They released the video you see below, which has you may or may not have seen on your Facebook wall already. We’re going to stop talking about the video now and let you watch it, because.. you know… hype. It’s worth it! Watch it NAOW!



Jamie Inocian

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