New World of Warcraft Expansion Legion Features Demon Hunter Class

Channel your inner Ilidan in World of Wacraft's new expansion, Legion.
Channel your inner Ilidan in World of Wacraft’s new expansion, Legion.

The Burning Legion is Back

Blizzard just announced the newest expansion to World of Warcraft at Gamescon in Germany. The new expansion is called Legion and it’s all about the Burning Legion returning and wreaking havoc all over Azeroth. There’s a ton of new features (which you can see below in the embedded video) but the main one that has a lot of people excited is that you can now play the new Demon Hunter class. Yep, you get to channel your inner Ilidan, hehe.

Watch the expansion promo video as well as the full stream of the reveal event below!

World of Warcraft Legion Expansion Promo Video

World of Warcraft Legion Reveal at Gamescon

We used to be World of Warcraft gamers ourselves here at Unbox but we stopped waaay back. Still thinking if it’s worth going back into this game. It’s like a black hole for time and productivity, haha! Anyway, let us know what you think of the new developments below!

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