Niantic Struggling to Stop Pokemon Go Cheating

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Cheating in games has been around long before video games were invented. No game is exempt. Video game development nowadays is a testament to that reality, especially in online games with a competitive aspect to them. It’s a never-ending battle between game developers and hackers, exploiters, and cheaters out to bend the rules in their favor for whatever reason they can muster.

Current “flavor of the month” mobile game Pokémon Go, of course, has its fair share of cheaters and exploiters. Those crazy 2K to 3K CP Arcanines, Blastoises, Exeggutors and Dragonites guarding the nearby gyms despite the game’s recent launch? According to gaming news blog ZAM, Niantic is having a tough time stamping out those very miscreants.

A 2.5K CP Dragonite barely a week after the launch?
A 2.5K CP Dragonite barely a week after the launch?


Niantic’s most recent Pokémon Go patch contained security measures that blocked third-party services and apps (like the now defunct Pokevision) from accessing the game’s interface. Niantic admitted that while some of these services were harmless, many of them were possible loopholes for botters and hackers. Patching the security vulnerabilities also lead to improved performance for the game’s servers, according to data the company gathered. That’s good and all, but the baddies are still here!

In an interview with the tech gurus at Ars Technica, the community manager for MyGoBot, a Pokémon Go botting service, had this to say about Niantic’s cheat-curbing efforts: “Niantic’s anti-cheat is very sad compared to some others. Everything they have been adding in has been easy to thwart.” “It took us three days to crack [Niantic’s encryption]. This is just a neverending game,” said the MyGoBot CM.

This guy must've lived and breathed Pokemon Go for 6 days straight.
This guy must’ve lived and breathed Pokemon Go for 6 days straight.


Niantic seems to have anticipated that their security measures would be broken. “We don’t expect these attempts to stop. We will continue to take steps to maintain the stability and integrity of the game,” the developer declared in the game’s recent patch notes.

For now, these GPS-spoofing, botting Pokémon Go trainers get to live another day, unless fellow players report them en masse. Do your part and report the villainous cheaters, trainers! The Ban Hammer of Justice must be brought down on them!

Unbox 65 - Ban Hammer of Justice
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Source: ZAM, Ars Technica

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  1. Is it cheating if a person buys a u.s. or any country origin acoount of pokemon go ang use it here in the philippines? I see a person in facebook selling theses type of pokemon games thaf originated in other countries with dragonite and other super rare pokemons reaching max cp..i just hope niantic put a regional lock on all pkemon accounts so that they cannot use it here..for me itsca for, of cheating

    1. dude, that’s not possible. If you region lock your pokemon account, how can you catch them all? There are certain pokemon that can only be caught in certain region. Like Farfetch’d can only be caught in Asia, Kangaskhan Australia. How the hell can you catch those if your account is region locked?

  2. Yeah, unreliable server, major bugs and now…? Unstoppable cheaters? This game keeps on getting better and better eh?..lol

  3. Yeah, right. Cheats are present in every game. This has been going on since time immemorial. I’m not surprised to know that there are cheats in this game. And I think (I only think), some cheats are available on-line, paid or otherwise.

    However, there is 1 ultimate game where cheaters can never win. The game of life. Where your ultimate goal is to win the Kingdom of God.

    God bless everyone out there and happy catching… but stay safe always…

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