Nvidia Project Shield: The Ultimate Android Handheld Console?

Boom! This looks hot!
Boom! This looks hot!

Nvidia just announced their latest product under development, Project Shield. The thing looks so hot that it has a lot of gamers worldwide smiling from ear to ear, lol. The device has a gorgeous 5-inch (720p) multitouch display, a very familiar looking game pad, and it runs on Android. Powering this is the newly unveiled Tegra 4 processor which is considered to be the world’s fastest processor with 72 GPU cores. This chip allows you also to use an HDMI out cable from Project Shield to your HD TV giving you a console gaming experience with a mobile device. Another interesting feature is that you can actually stream games from your Windows PC over Wi-Fi to Project Shield. That’s definitely worth testing out.

Here’s a snippet of the hands-on demo taken at CES in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately Nvidia didn’t announce availability or pricing. Hopefully we’ll get that information soon. 🙂

nvidia project sheild philippines

Via The Verge

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