Opera’s Desktop Browser Now Has an Unlimited VPN Built-In

That’s right boys and girls. Opera has updated its desktop browser to include an unlimited VPN. It was already in a sort of trial phase a few months back when users could try out the built-in VPN with the browser by installing the developer version of the software. If you currently run Opera on your desktop setups, all you have to do is install or update your browser and enable the option. Voila! You’ve got a free, unlimited VPN.

No Star Wars: Clone Wars in sight

Does it work? Netflix has been known to block the use of proxies or VPNs and it did catch us. We couldn’t access the content, but we could at least search for titles not available to us in the Philippines; which indicates that it does have the potential to work.

Aha! There it is! Too bad we can’t play the content though.

We’ve used VPN services like TunnelBear before, but that usually came with a $5 or just shy of Php 240. As mentioned, Opera’s VPN service is free and unlimited, but you can only choose between 5 pre-selected locations; which isn’t too bad conisdering that all you have to do is download the browser.

Consider this a gift of sorts, as the Norwegian company responsible for bringing us the web browser has been sold off for $600 million and our source says that this might be one of the last major updates we’ll get from their end before the sale.

Source: TechCrunch

Jamie Inocian

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  1. opera user po ako. pwede po ba paki-explain kung ano ang nagagawa ng VPN in layman’s terms, yung madali pong maintindihan kasi hindi po ako techie. thanks po sa sasagot.

  2. I still hate this company for abandoning Opera 12. Which was the greatest browser ever. Instead they went the inferior chrome engine route.

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