Overwatch is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

The fan-favorite hero shooter is hitting portable consoles

Switch users rejoice: Blizzard confirmed that the popular hero shooter game Overwatch is coming to the Nintendo Switch next month. This was after leaks of an official Overwatch case for the Nintendo Switch was spotted in an Amazon listing.

As for the game itself, Blizzard said in a press statement that the Switch version of Overwatch will have gyro controls so that “players [can] tilt their console to line up the perfect shot as McCree, pilot D.Va through the air, or quickly turn to deflect incoming projectiles as Genji.”

The game is slated to launch on October 15 and will come bundled with 15 character skins and a three-month Nintendo Switch Online individual membership—the latter being a requirement in order to play the game online.

Prior to Overwatch, Blizzard’s Diablo 3 was also ported to the Switch.


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