Pokemon Go Interrupts US State Department Briefing on ISIS

The Pokémon Go phenomenon is literally everywhere nowadays. From the minefields of Bosnia, to MMA matches, to McDonald’s restaurants in Japan, the monster-catching craze has rapidly become a mainstream activity for everyone everywhere. The newest, craziest place for Pokémon Go to show up is during a United States State Department briefing on anti-ISIS coalition activities.

During a press conference discussing ongoing anti-ISIS efforts, US State Department spokesman John Kirby called out a reporter for playing the viral mobile game. “You’re playing the Pokémon thing right there, aren’t you,” he asked the startled correspondent. “I’m just keeping an eye on it,” the reporter remarked.

Kirby continued with the briefing, but paused again for another inquiry to the reporter, “Did you get one?” To which the correspondent replied, “No. The signal’s not very good.” “I’m sorry about that,” the State Department spokesperson lamented.

Guess that’s another place where Pokémon trainers should never, ever play Pokémon Go.


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