Pokemon Go: Recent Server-Side Changes

Intrepid data-miners and Pokemon Go enthusiasts over at The Silph Road Reddit have discovered some recent server-side changes to the game. Reddit user NaestaChalmers has compiled a list of the changes from the feedback gathered from the forum’s users and here’s what they’ve noticed so far:

  • New move sets for some Pokémon (confirmed by Game_Master file)
  • Dodging changed to general max. 75% damage evasion (confirmed by Game_Master file)
  • Regional spawn rates increased heavily (confirmed by obvious observations)
  • Increased potion drop rates (highly likely due to multiple observations and testing)
  • Rare spawn increase in general (highly likely due to multiple observations)
  • Faster egg hatch updates (likely due to observations and minor tests – needs more testing)
  • Nest changes, needs to be further elaborated (unlikely: some observations but no general evidence, most did not change)

That explains why I’ve been getting a ton of potions lately. Too bad they go right into the trash can unless they’re the best kind. Also, I’ve gotten a lot of rare Pokemon in the past two days: an almost perfect IV Snorlax, a couple of Vaporeons, a Kabuto, some Exeggutors  and a Porygon in my usual hunting grounds.

Shout out below if you’ve been experiencing some of the changes as well, fellow trainers!

Source: Siliconera, The Silph Road Reddit

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    1. lagi mong tignan yung skill set ng pokemon wag kang mag evolve ng normal kang yung attack skill make sure special sya, one thing na tinitignan ko din is yung bilang ng bars madalas ko kinukuha yung skill na 2 bars or one bar lang kasi sa gym battle mas mabilis syang magrecover at makaka atake ka ka agad ng special skill

      1. Di ko inivolve yung vaporeon. Hehe. Nahuli ko lang. Tapos tiningnan ko sa online IV calculators. Ayun 100% IV. Hehe.

  1. RANT: Still too many cheaters in this game. Those who play fairly are being punished with the extra task of reporting those f****g cheaters.

    As for the server changes, only noticed the increased potion drop rates (as if we need them when our pokemons are no match to those cheaters) and faster egg hatch updates.

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