Ragnarok Online Philippines Closed Beta Client Ready for Download

Closed Beta Testing starts in mid-June, so sign-up now!

Electronics Extreme has just updated the Ragnarok Online Philippines landing page with download links to the game’s Closed Beta Test client. Nostalgia gamers and still-avid RO fans can now preload the client in preparation for the CBT slated in a few weeks.

As for game and server specifics, according to Electronics Extreme CEO Rithirong Kaewvicheara, this version of RO will be employing strict anti-botting and cheat protection systems, both of which have been the bane of official and private servers ever since the game’s inception. Whether these “strict” systems will be successful in leveling the playing field, we’ll have to find out once the servers officially roll out.

The War of Emperium, one of the cornerstone features of Ragnarok Online. Those were the days!

Ragnarok Online Philippines will most likely be launched as a “Freemium” game – a Free-to-Play MMORPG with a cash shop component, but no concrete monetization details have been announced yet by Electronics Extreme.

Which then, begs the question – especially to veteran RO gamers and returning players alike – should the relaunched RO PH have subscription/time-based access, similar to the early years of Level Up! Games pRO? Or, should it go the way of F2P for more widespread appeal and player base? We’d love to hear your thoughts below, RO fans.

Source: Ragnarok Online Philippines

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