Rockstar Games Outs Bully: Anniversay Edition for Android and iOS

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Rockstar Games are, well, THE rockstars when it comes to open-world, sandbox games. While their Grand Theft Auto franchise and Red Dead Redemption may be their marquee draws, they’ve also released other gems that have definitely added to their legendary status in the gaming community. One of those gems has just been released for iOS and Android devices.

The Anniversay Edition of a Rockstar Games classic, Bully, is now available for Android and iOS. Bully was first released some 10 years ago and for those of you who may have been too young to remember, the game centers around troubled youth — James “Jimmy” Hopkins — who gets sent to a private boarding school, Bullworth Academy. Like GTA, it’s a story about rising up in the ranks minus the sex, drugs, and some of the more gratuitous violence, of course. In Bully, you help Jimmy play pranks and get into all sorts of hi-jinks as he establishes himself in his newfound environment and navigates around all the usual student archetypes.


Bully: Anniversary Edition by Rockstar Games is priced at Php 329 on the Play Store and has been priced at $6.99 or around Php 350 on iOS.

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