Sega Joins The Retro Gaming Console Trend with the Mega Drive Mini

Yes, the company will return to making hardware

Not to be outdone by Nintendo, who has launched the retro Super NES Classic and Famicom Mini with an overwhelming reception, Sega announced that they will be retroing the Mega Drive / Genesis in time for the console’s 30th anniversary.

The upcoming retro console, which will launch in Japan first, will be a miniaturized version of the Mega Drive / Genesis, which is similar to Nintendo’s approach for the Famicom, and SNES. AtGames, who made a retro Genesis console last year, will be in charge of making the retro console. While some are skeptical about AtGames’ involvement, the upcoming Mega Drive Mini console looks different from the one AtGames made, as seen in the image below:

Sega’s last console was the Dreamcast, which ended production in 2001.



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